Billy Reilly – The Executive Commissioner

Billy Reilly has been in the restaurant industry in the DC, MD, VA Metropolitan area since the 1970′s. He has bartended, run promotions, managed, sold beer and liquor, to name a few. A Guinness Book of world record holder for the longest bar shift, included in Ripley’s Believe it or Not and is a Hall of Fame Bartender.

His true passion has always been promoting and hosting fund raising events featuring bartenders and servers. Putting a microphone in his hands quickly turns quiet bars in to circus events! He has great talents on stage keeping the crowd in tune and making everyone feel as though they just left a sold out rock concert. Billy has entertained us for many years and with doing so he has helped raise thousands for charities and most importantly raised an awareness in general for many great organizations.

His stunts and accomplishments could be described as “out of the box” creativity, spearheading many fellow bar stars to do the same and similar events, helping raise literally millions of dollars for charities and keeping cash registers and tip jars over flowing in the process. He is by far the most well known bar promoter and philanthropist on the East Coast and likely the country.

His only downfall is not having the time to be everywhere at once and do everything he has brewing in his mind to do. We would need a novel to list all of his awards and a banquet hall to display his trophies. Copying the media archives alone would take a forest of trees. With that said, if you have not met Billy Reilly, or if you have not been able to see him on the stage, do it as soon as you can….. legends like him don’t come through our lives very often.


Tony Espsito – DJ / Road Manager

Tony honed his DJ skills originally in Washington, D.C.’s bar & nightclub scene of the 1990’s. After seven years DJ’ing local FBC shows, he left for Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2000. Soaking up a lot of sunshine and too much beach culture, Tony laid roots in Raleigh, NC.

With a clever mixture of rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm ‘n’ blues, classic hip hop, garage rock, instrumentals, outlaw country and pop hits, Tony focuses on inciting what’s known as “controlled chaos”. “The guests at our shows deserve a good time from every angle. From the talent that the commissioner and hosts bring, to my music during competition and set lists in between, I want people to be drained of energy yet excited about the entertainment they just experienced when they leave.”

“I grew tired of the same old music years ago”, says Tony. “What you hear pounding from the sound system at our shows is vintage familiar and new hits combined with songs you may not have heard before or in this setting.”

Tony is very excited to again be involved with the Fastest Bartender Contest since January 2009. “It’s all about the contest, contestants, charities and I’m proud to be a part of that”.

Tony enjoys Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest in New Orleans, St Patrick’s Day in Boston, Washington, D.C.’s Leprechaun Stomp, any day in Key West, Florida and any college that will party with a guy over 30.



Jimmy Cirrito – Commissioner

Born on a pool table in Buffalo, NY and raised by bartenders in the restaurant jungles of Buffalo and Los Angeles! Cirrito left the nest for Northern VA in ’87, bought a wife and married a bar! He has been hanging on to Billy Reilly’s coat tail since ’89! (Beat him at everything he ever did!! ha ha!) Fell in love with the Fastest Bartender Contest and still is to this day! Love the comradery, the competition, the excitement, and being able to help the causes! Always looking forward to the next show! See you on tour and at Jimmy’s Old Towne Tavern in Herndon!

(703) 435-5467(703) 435-5467


H. David Jay, AKA Uncle Dave – Score Keeper

Turning 70 in Dec 09! Another Buffalo, NY native, spent time in the US Army, got married twice and has a number of awesome kids and grandkids! Made his living as an architect, which he still enjoys! Spent many years, and still does, as a Youth League Baseball League Commissioner! Has helped at Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern since day one in 1996 in many ways, and still bartends and works the floor! Has helped raise funds for many causes and is the top fundraiser ever of the Fastest Bartender Contest! Don’t bug him when he’s keeping score!!!


Ray “Gizmo” Ward – Commissioner / Host

A native of Herndon, VA, has bartended and managed restaurants throughout Northern VA for over 15 years! Claims to Fame include breaking the Guinness record for longest bar shift and working with John Bobbit when he lost his manhood! Gizmo is a well known bartender in the area who goes above and beyond to help with local bar promotions and fund raisers. Never won the Fastest Bartender Contest, but won the hearts of many of it’s followers!


Jon Paul – Disc Jockey

Born and raised in Northeast Kansas, Jon Paul relocated to the Washington DC area in 1987 to co-found and eventually purchase outright Megawatt, Inc. Jon runs the company out of his home office in Great Falls, VA & is celebrating his 22nd year in business as the area’s leading source for Professional Disc Jockeys with over 35 talented individuals on staff. Many of Jon’s events are among the industries largest & most recognized such as the Zinzi Christmas Party & the DC-101/Lindy Promotions Downtown Countdown. Jon is also the co-founder & partner of Union Jack’s British Pub in Bethesda, MD & The Thirsty Turtle in College Park, MD.


Kevin Obando – Host / Barback


“Dat Nyugha Knowledge Bones” aka K.O. first competed in the Fastest Bartender Contest for Northern Virginia in 2006, representing at the time, former hot spot Rain Lounge in Fairfax,VA. After falling short in the finals his rookie year the veteran bartender still managed to be in the top 5 bars that raised the most money for Tender Hearts, leaving his impression on the commish and the crew.

Infected by the FBC virus and commited to the cause, Kev represented the “new kid” in his hometown, The Hard Times Cafe Fairfax. He entered 12 contests from 2007 to 2009, appearing in 7 finals and taking home 4 trophies; 1st place Fairfax ’07, 3rd place NoVa and Dewey Beach ’08, 3rd place DC ’09. Most importantly, he is proud to be in the top 5 highest fundraising bars, helping to bring in almost $10,000 for charity in 3 years.

“I honestly couldn’t have done it without “THE FARM” my boy Dj Suan breaking down all 3 rounds, the practice sessions in the rain on a rotting bar in Justin’s garage, Travis “T-Bone” Smith coaching and barkin the calls, the HOA calling the cops on us in the middle of Chris “Diddy” Hollowell’s 2 bottle upside-down underhanded pour.” “We raised the “bar” for future competitors, setting new record times in all three rounds; What? 5 shots 3.5sec?.” “Chippin’ in on every contestant’s bucket every show for Tender Hearts, it just ain’t the FBC without “The F’n Farm Son!” check the stats, it’s posted all over youtube.”

When not hard at work behind the bar at Hard Times or setting up the iconic FBC bar for a show in your hood, Kevin is home mastering his new role as “Daddy”. Kaya, a beautiful baby girl my “Lil’ K.O.” it was love at first sight, unreal a true blessing. Feeding, burpping, and diaper changing ain’t enough to keep this guy out of the contest, determined to join the list of FBC champs in DC and VA all “Papa Bear” needs is the love and support of his family and friends, a few practice rounds with The Farm, and a brief conversation with samson. “I’ll see you in the finals 2010″ Don’t Blink……