Bartenders Contest: A Packet Of Excitement

You must be wondering how to make bigger bartender tips. You can become that special bartender who makes more money from tips than his customers. Well, let's start with some basic bartender tips and tricks to make you more endearing to your clients. Try to provide the best customer service to your customers. You can start doing this by knowing your customers, by heart, especially the regulars. Don't forget your customer's name and favorite drink. Remember how to mix his drink just the way he wants it.

Don't wait for your clients to ask for that extra jigger when you already know he will ask for it anyway. If he regularly comes in the bar for a double shot of scotch on the rocks, don't waste time asking for his order. If you have regular clients who often order bar chow, make sure you stock up on their favorite appetizers. Put a tip cup on a very visible part of the bar. Don't place it near an obscure corner where they can't see it. Avoid putting it on the far end away from the door. If your tip cup is full empty it to make room for more. Learn to make interesting conversation. Many people go to bars to relax and talk to anyone who will listen. The longer you hold a conversation, the more he will feel comfortable and keep ordering.

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Create game tournaments for darts or billiards. These will make your customers stay for hours and drink longer. They'll have fun and come back for more. The more they drink, the less stingy they become, and the fastest bartenders contest tips you'll make. If you play the right music that customers want, they'll really appreciate it and enjoy the night. If you play bad music and your clients will be out the door after one drink, probably without leaving any bartender tips for you. When you see a customer come in and you are familiar with his taste in music, play his kind of song and start him off on a good mood. Your customer will quickly loosen up and think "this is the best bar in town, with the best music and bartender." One more trick to get more bartender tips is to do extra stints at private parties.

You can get pretty large bartender tips working at parties or special events. Typically,  fastest bartenders are given extra tips above the total bill at the end of the event. Guests also like to show off at parties by giving large tips at parties with cash bars.Allow regular customers to mix their drinks behind the bar a few times. They can even play bartender for a couple of hours if they want. This makes them feel at home and they will show their appreciation by giving more bartender tips. Find out more tricks on how to get larger gratuities. These small efforts you need to make can make all the difference in the tips you get to take home. Find out more about giving better service to your clients.


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Bartenders need to have good grooming and nice looks. This is to attract more customers. But not to be discriminating, good looks aren't the only qualities that a bartender should have. It should be well blended with a good personality. Bartenders need to have a good personality like some sort of customer hospitality. If it means listening to the customer's problems, joking around as if the two of you are friends, remembering the customer's names and the likes. Bartenders are celebrities, besides the work they do; they need to socialize with a lot of people, different types of people. Forget being stiff. It won't get a bartender anywhere.


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 Many people are joking around that the best bartenders in town are the ones who were once the customers, the drunkards. Whatever you call it. This joke could be true. Knowledge in liquors, beer, wines and cocktails is a plus. You don't need much mnemonics since you know them already. You've tasted them already. It would be a lot easier for a bartender to remember something if he or she has already experienced the drink. For those who aren't drinkers, then you could enroll in a bartending school to get a better knowledge on cocktails and drinks.

Fastest Bartender Contest

Since bartenders are salespersons, they should know how to handle money. Especially the money that customers pay. Some average math skills would help. Deficiencies in the revenue will definitely put a lot of drawback on the bartender. His pay check might suffer due to the losses. Undoubtedly, a bartender must be responsible and a good team player to his other teammates. He must be well-coordinated with the other crew members in order to provide quality service to the customers.

There are lots of bartenders around. And like salespersons, they have to stand-out among the rest to gain more customers. A bartender must have something unique with him. Something like an amazing skill will surely help lift his popularity. He's free to do whatever he wanted to as long as he can deliver quality service. Most of all, when it comes to service, a bartender must be fast and efficient. Shows and tricks are good ways to attract customers but it should not take a lot of time. Customers are not that patient to wait for the show to finish before they can get their drink. A bartender might end up losing customers if he does service that way. A good bartender must be a people person. In short, he must be used to getting along with a lot of people. Loners don't have a place in bartending. You'll get to meet a lot of people. You can't avoid it.

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