Hoboken YMCA


The Fastest Bartender Contests in Hoboken will be doing far more than determining who the fastest bartender in town is, they’ll be supporting the Hoboken YMCA!

We are pleased to be providing them help and support to renovate and modernize the entire YMCA facility so they can continue to expand programs and services to seniors, handicapped, disabled, youth and teens in the Hoboken community.

It will cost approximately $4.2 million dollars to upgrade and modernize the YMCA building. It is an 80 year old facility which is in need of extensive work. Much of the work includes upgrades to the infrastructure and the following areas:

✓ $883,613 To renovate and modernize the men’s and women’s locker rooms. This will include new air-conditioning, new showers, toilets, changing areas, sauna and lockers

✓ $662,844 New elevator going to all the recreational floors in the YMCA

✓ $309,324 New Stairwell to all the floors of the YMCA

✓ $367,497 Three family and handicapped locker rooms

✓ $321,104 Three new yoga and exercise rooms

✓ $421,803 Conversion,upgrade and air-conditioning of
the current meeting and multipurpose room to comply with ADA standards

✓ $609,661 New entrance and registration area for members and program participants to comply with ADA standards

✓ $371,806 New lift and stairway for first floor YMCA entrance

✓ $282,063 New pool ramp and observation deck